Product name

Product name

A name is more than just a product de­scrip­tion

Have you developed a new product and now are looking for a suitable name? Then innomark is the best address for you! As ex­pe­ri­enced brand pro­fes­sion­als we know that a name is much more than the de­scrip­tion of a product. It conveys values and emotions, it evokes as­so­ci­a­tions and it is the foun­da­tion for the creation of an in­de­pen­dent brand po­si­tion­ing. For name creations you should trust in pro­fes­sion­als who will - with their long-term ex­pe­ri­ence - develop a product name that is perfectly suited to your target group.

Creating unique product names

When selecting a suitable product name, first it is important to ensure its dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion from the com­pe­ti­tion. A clearly defined name offers ex­cep­tion­al­i­ty, prof­itabil­i­ty and recog­ni­tion value. It is the only way to create a foun­da­tion for in­de­pen­dent po­si­tion­ing and building up a long-term suc­cess­ful brand identity.

With trademark searches you will be on the safe side

But it’s not only about the de­vel­op­ment of an in­de­pen­dent, creative product name. Of course, care must be taken to ensure that your trademark will not infringe already existing similar trademark rights of third parties. In trademark law, the „first come, first serve“ principle generally applies. That means, only those will create a safe foun­da­tion for the new product brand, who have ensured that their brand is not com­pro­mised by identical or similar prior trademark rights. During the entire name de­vel­op­ment process, innomark conducts searches for similar and identical trade­marks and, along with the creative process, will ensure that your new product name fits the company and target group without in­fring­ing any third party rights.