We develop brand names with added value, which differentiate and sell well. As a good name does not automatically turn into a successful brand, some further services are needed. We would gladly offer and explain them to you.

What can we do for your good name?

Brand consulting


IP-Stock & IP-Pilot

Trademark Search




Brand consulting

innomark GmbH offers consulting services:

  • Strategic brand con­sult­ing
  • Portfolio analyses
  • Eval­u­a­tions of strengths/weak­ness­es
  • Strategic re­ori­en­ta­tion of name port­fo­lios
  • De­vel­op­ment of new des­ig­na­tion concepts
  • As­sis­tance with struc­tural brand reforms
  • Brand-language-concepts
  • Assistance with implementation
  • Def­i­ni­tion of family brands
  • Analyses with the aid of our brand-tow­er-mod­el

An example:

The AXA Group in Germany has an extensive portfolio of product and service names in use. The high variety of brands may cause conceptual and legal problems from the point of view of trade mark law.

innomark's services:

Development of an evolutionary designation concept accommodating the established brands and names but exhibiting a logically consistent structure with plenty of scope for future development. 


innomark develops brand­names for

  • products
  • services
  • companies
  • family brand/sub brands
  • TV-shows/magazine names
  • Music groups/individual interpreter/artists
  • tourism offers
  • web portals/web ap­pli­ca­tions/software
  • designation concepts/product hierachies
  • other character systems (transcriptions)

An example:

Porsche AG has developed a new sportscoupé that shall be positioned as an independent model.

innomark's services:

Creation of the name CAYMAN, brand research and as¬sis¬tance with legal protection of the brandname.

IP-Stock & IP-Pilot

innomark GmbH procures registered stock brands and domains:

  • Sale of registered reserve brands from the portfolios of our numerous customers or our own portfolio
  • Advice on acquiring or transferring stock brands and stock domains
  • Assistance with all necessary actions prior to, during and after the purchase including all searches and legal arrangements 
  • Procurement of some e.g. generic domains, also without existing trademark rights

An example:

Bertelsmann Group requires a European Community brand name (CTM) for a planned new Internet offering at short notice.

innomark's services:

Consulting, stock brand search in our brand portfolio and in the portfolios of our customers, purchase processing and transfer of trademark and domain name rights.
Marke und Domains

Trademark Search

innomark GmbH offers the following enquiry services:

  • Trademark searches (identical, almost identical, similar brands)
  • Linguistic searches
  • Company searches
  • Copyright searches
  • Searches for software titles used
  • Domain name searches
  • Opinions on matters related to brand law prepared by internationally experienced specialist attorneys with a proven track record of many years in brand law
  • Searches for trademarks-in-use

An example:

A name proposal of British Telecom, UK, must be checked on its usability in more than 50 countries in accordance with trademark law.

innomark's services:

All necessary extensive trademark searches and a legal opinion by an experienced specialist attorney.


innomark creates slogans and claims for the follwing fields of ap­pli­ca­tion:

  • Re­struc­tur­ing of a brand ap­pear­ance and creation of a suitable claiming
  • Ad­ver­tis­ing-re­lat­ed campaign claiming
  • Elab­o­ra­tion of product or company USPs
  • Product launches with focus on added value
  • Special pro­mo­tion­al ac­tiv­i­ties
  • Re­ac­ti­va­tion of historic trade­marks
  • Repo­si­tion­ing of active trade­marks, umbrella brands or family brand campaigns

An example:

DEVK Versicherungen and Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. are planning the establishment of a new joint investment fund company. For that project, a new name is required.

innomark's services:

Brand name creation, trademark searches, positioning and claim creation.


Before a brand name is launched into the market it should be tested on its consumer acceptance among the relevant target groups as well as on its usability in accordance with the briefing. For this purpose innomark has developed a special online-based brand and market research tool which il-lustrates name tests in a fast and cost-effective way.

An example:

viega GmbH & Co. KG is planning a new pipe connection system. There is an assortment of various name suggestions.

innomark's services:

Conceptional development of an individual test procedure, elaboration of the test design, perfor-mance of the test in a customer-specified sample, analysis and presentation of the data.


innomark provides the following domain services:

  • Research and details of use
  • Reser­va­tion
  • Mon­i­tor­ing
  • Support in the event of any do­main-re­lat­ed disputes
  • Be­low-the-line-ac­qui­si­tion of domain adresses on behalf of clients who remain
  • Ad­min­is­tra­tion of domain port­fo­lios

An example:

A subsidiary of the E.ON Energie group immediately requires several top-level domains which are already registered.

innomark's services:

Securing and transfer of all desired top-level
domains in a short term.

How is the procedure of a professional brand development carried out?

Do you have any questions about our offerings? Would you like to develop a new brand? Are you a start-up looking
for a suitable company name? Would you like to restructure your existing brand portfolio? Or do you need
a trademark search? The following chart displays the four main steps that will be carried out in a professional brand development. Moreover you will find five pdf-documents for download, in which we have summarized the most important tips and answers to frequently asked questions. Further information on specific key words is provided in our
glossary in the category Brand Knowledge.

Any more questions? Please call us on  +49 (0)611. 56010-1

  • Competition analyses

  • Communication analyses

  • Periphery analyses/Trends & Management ratios

  • Analyses/assessment of brand name portfolios

  • Profile of strengths & weaknesses

  • Development of well-defined statements

  • Definition of the brand character

  • Definition of the type pf name to be created

  • Definition of classes, registers and target markets

  • Methodology mapping

  • Creative teams

  • Individual creations (internal)

  • Creative freelancers (external)

  • Simulation software

  • Association software

  • Creation software

  • Documentary database research

  • Linguistic check

  • Identity searches (pre-check, unlimited)

  • Extended identity searches (prefix-/infix-/suffix-variations)

  • Comprehensive similarity searches

  • Domain check

  • Stock brand scan

  • Qualitative concluding assessment

  • Legal opinion/certificate by internationally experienced
    specialists in trademark law

  • Name selection

  • Graphical implementation

  • Visualisation with product and service reference

  • Final assessment

  • Recommandations for next steps

  • Definition of next project steps (further detailed
    searches, trademark protection, domain reservation,
    potential delimitation agreements etc.)


45 trademark classes for goods and services, PDF (98 KB)  download

How do I find the right branding agency?, PDF (40 KB) download

Tips for company founders, PDF (40 KB) download

Brand Tower – A brand-strategic analysis model, PDF (84 KB) DOWNLOAD

What should I know about trademark searches?, PDF (84 KB) download

Obstacles in developing new brand names