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Let your brand values live on!

Time and again there are situations in which successfully established brands reach a turning point. A lack of economic success, a change in market or brand orientation or simply the desire to monetize a brand with a history are possible events to separate from a brand.

Since in most cases one has invested time, money and heart and soul in building a brand, the brand still represents a monetary value even if it is not to be used in the future. Then the time has come to think about selling this brand. It is not uncommon for large companies to part with well-established brands or brand portfolios because their strategic direction changes.

Often, in medium-sized businesses, it is also successful generations of entrepreneurs who are unable or unwilling to continue their successful brands due to the lack of a succession plan and therefore offer them for sale.

Last but not least, there are unfortunately also successful brands that have to be sold in industry crises or general economic weak phases or are even offered for purchase in a bankruptcy estate.

All these examples show that there is a considerable number of brands waiting for their success story to continue.

This is why we and our partner company offer an online brand exchange under, which has established itself as one of the largest and most successful marketplace for buying and selling existing brand and domain rights.

Through BRANDvillage International Brand Exchange we have already successfully realised brand purchases and sales for some of our customers.

In addition to a growing number of foreign companies, numerous start-ups and smaller national companies have found what they are looking for through On the part of the brand suppliers, this has resulted in some cases in considerable proceeds from the sale of the respective brand rights.

The advantages of acquiring trademarks that have already been successfully registered and often launched on the market are as follows:

  • Legally registered trademark rights, which offer great advantages, especially in the short-term search for a trademark (no waiting periods until the official registration of a trademark, no opposition periods and corresponding delays)

  • Acquisition of a successful “brand history” with brand awareness, recognition and existing customers, if applicable

  • Acquisition of existing domains with possibly existing and well established websites in search engines

  • No search and development costs for new brand names

  • Opportunities to acquire established brands at very low cost, possibly far below the actual brand value due to lack of corporate succession, bankruptcy or change of strategy

The advantages of selling successfully registered trademarks are as follows:

  • Utilisation of “unused assets” in large companies, which often have a large number of registered trademarks that they have owned for many years, but without capitalising on them. If there is no continued intention to use such trademarks, considerable sales proceeds can be achieved in the short term and depending on the individual case.

  • The experience of the BRANDvillage International Brand Exchange has shown that foreign companies in particular attach extraordinary appeal to “Germany” and the brands developed and established there. The attribute “made in Germany” or better “branded in Germany” still has a high appeal in many foreign markets and accordingly leads to a very high willingness to pay, especially for purchases from China, for example.

We therefore recommend every interested party, whether as a buyer or seller, to think about a brand revival. Because unlike a patent, a “continued” brand is an unique item that has no best before date and therefore always remains valuable.

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