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For more than 20 years innomark is one of the leading European branding agencies. In order that your new brand names and brand concepts suit the intended products, services or businesses like a „tailored garment“, we offer our professional development work as a specialist agency exclusively in the fields of

name creation,

branding concepts,

strategic brand consulting,

worldwide trademark searches as well as

language checks and name tests.



Our team of „creative analysts“ does not only conduct scientifically well-founded analysis and research but also uses, in particular, its creativity to develop top-class brand names and brand concepts.




The NAME is the linguistic "HOOK" and the communicative "ANCHOR" of your (new) product or business. It should be distinctive, concept conforming and creative. In addition it must work properly in linguistic and legal aspects. We gladly support you with the search for adequate name candidates and offer you the complete procedure of name creation, comprehensive concept tests, international language checks and, if necessary, registered stock brands.

A good NAME does not automatically turn into a successful BRAND. After an appropriate selection of name candidates has been made, each name must be examinated on its legal usability and availabilty in all target markets. Only then, a name should be registered as a trademark. We support you with that procedure by comprehensive trademark searches in more than 180 countries and, if desired, accompany the entire trademark application process.

Regardless of whether it concerns a NEW BRAND or a WELL-ESTABLISHED BRAND PORTFOLIO: the brand success does not always match the objectives. There can be many different reasons for this, but it is often the positioning and differentiation strategies that are of significant importance, when looking for the cause. We gladly help you to answer such questions with our brand-analysis-tools, support you with the restructuring of your brand portfolio and, if necessary, develop a whole new brand architecture.

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A good NAME is worth a thousand words. We are proud of a large number of satisfied customers and would like to thank in particular those who have granted us the permission to name their company or in some cases even the created brand names as a reference.

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Companies as, for example, Adobe and Bentley, Coca Cola and Goodyear, Linde and Samsung, Porsche and Yahoo trust in our expertise in name creation and brand consulting. Furthermore there are numerous law firms and departments purchasing their trademark searches from innomark or our business unit

The foundation for our success is, among others, our sustained brand knowledge which we will be pleased to explain to beginners and up-and-comers. Please find here explanations to the most important key words.

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