Brand Knowledge

Companies such as Adobe and Bentley, Coca Cola and Goodyear, Linde and Samsung, Porsche and Yahoo rely on our expertise in name development and brand consulting

In addition, there are numerous law firms and legal departments that purchase their trademark searches from innomark GmbH within the scope of name-finding projects. The basis of our success is, among other things, an extensive trademark knowledge, which we are happy to explain for “beginners” and “advanced”. The explanations of the most important terms can be found here …

Registered Trademarks

As a registered trademark your brand name stands for the quality and values of your company – protect it!

The protection of your brand is of great importance because a brand name should be as distinctive and unique as the quality and values of your company that you offer your customers.

Trademark Application

Trademark searches, trademark applications and trademark registrations to secure your name ideas

With a trademark application you protect your brand name from being used by third parties. However, before you have a legally registered trademark you should first conduct a search for older identical or similar third party trademarks in all important countries and trademark classes.

Brand Consulting

Our brand consulting offers solution-oriented concepts for all brand issues

You want to launch a new product, rename a company or establish a new service but are not sure how to name or position it?

Brand Development

In brand development, first of all the character and the positioning of a product or service are worked out, because a brand name is more than just a designation

It serves to emphasise and underline the specific characteristics and to communicate the individual character. The name should convey emotions and thus not only reach the target group with factual attributes, but also communicate a more far-reaching message.

Trademark Classes

Trademark classification of goods

Class 1
Chemicals used in industry, science, photography, agriculture, horticulture and forestry; unprocessed synthetic resins, unprocessed plastics; fertilisers; fire extinguishing compositions; tempering and soldering preparations; chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; tanning substances; adhesives used in industry

Brand Name

The brand name as a sign of quality and “metaphor”

The choice of a memorable brand name is a key element in the design of new goods and services as well as in the creation or merger of companies. A good brand name should convey the character of a brand and establish it permanently on the market.

Brand Protection

Trademark protection through registration

The protection of a trademark is usually obtained by filing a trademark application with a patent and trademark office. After successful examination by the Office and expiry of the statutory period for opposition – without any third party having filed an opposition – the trademark is registered to the extent claimed.

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy as a signpost for the future

A well thought-out brand strategy is the prerequisite for successful and targeted brand management. Trust in our long-standing expertise and entrust innomark with the development of a brand strategy in line with your concept. With our more than 25 years of experience as creative brand analysts, we will be happy to advise you and develop the appropriate brand strategy for your new product, company or service together with you.

Name Development

Name development for your branded goods from the specialist innomark

Name development is an important part of giving your new product, company or service a unique selling point with the right brand name. Especially with a broadly diversified product portfolio, different product groups or company divisions should be named with conceptually meaningful names that strategically complement the other labels from your company in a clever way.


What does “naming” mean?

“Naming” stands for name development and describes the process of finding a name for a product, service or new company. As a naming and branding agency, innomark GmbH covers all work steps necessary for professional name creation and brand development. As a competent partner with many years of experience in the national and international sector, we are available as brand professionals to all companies from start-ups to global corporations.

Product Name

A name is more than just a product description

You have developed a new product and are now looking for a suitable name? Then innomark is the right address for you! Because as brand professionals we know that a name is much more than just the description of a product. The brand name conveys rational and emotional values, evokes associations and is the basis for the development of an independent brand positioning. Therefore, you should work with professionals when developing a name. With our many years of expertise, we can create a product name that is perfectly tailored to your target group.

Title Protection

There is also protection for work titles

For example, if you write a work as an author, software developer, musician or filmmaker, you create intellectual property that should be protected by copyright. The title of this work indicates its content and nature and distinguishes it from other work titles.

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