Brand Name

The brand name as a sign of quality and “metaphor”

The choice of a memorable brand name is a key element in the design of new goods and services as well as in the foundation or merger of companies. A good brand name should convey the character of a brand and establish it permanently on the market. It leads to clear differentiation from competitors’ products, creates trust and brand loyalty among customers and thus provides competitive advantages. With this claim innomark develops new names for:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Companies
  • TV programme formats/film and magazine titles
  • Music groups/individual interpreters/artists
  • Event locations/tourism offers
  • Event formats
  • Internet portals/web applications/software
  • Technology & functional brands
  • Brand transcriptions for use in other language areas

The right brand name – criteria that decide on the success

The following questions should be taken into account when developing a name or should always be kept in mind if the brand success is to be sustainable:

  • Is the brand name applicable in all target markets?
  • Is there a risk of conflicts over naming rights due to similar brand names?
  • Does the name fit the brand character?
  • Does the name correspond to the strategy of the product or company?
  • Is the name a good basis for the marketing concept?

Finding a suitable brand name is not an easy task, but a process in which many different factors must be taken into account.

A practical example …

The company Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG is developing a new sports car on the basis of the Porsche Boxster platform as part of the expansion of its product range. The car is to be positioned between the current Boxster and the new Porsche 911. As the new model should be given an independent product image within the Porsche family, a new brand name is required.

The services of innomark GmbH:

  • Development of the name CAYMAN including extensive brand searches
  • Support in securing trademark protection in selected foreign markets
  • Creation and design of the central communicative idea

What can we
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