Worldwide trademark searches & Trademark protection

We offer worldwide trademark searches in currently 185 countries in any form and design desired by the client. This includes …

  • Knock-out searches for identical and quasi-identical characters
  • Full similarity searches with comprehensive third party trademark documentation
  • Competitor searches
  • License infringement searches
  • Worldwide register status checks
  • Company searches
  • Domain searches
  • Fully pre-selected research results & reports according to client requirements

A project example

A proposed name from British Telecom has to be checked to ensure that it can be used under trademark law in more than 50 countries. innomark GmbH carries out the full range of similarity searches and has the necessary expert opinions drawn up for all target markets in accordance with all trademark laws. As a result, the customer receives an “overall opinion” as a basis for management decisions.

What can we
do for you?

Would you like to develop a new brand? Do you have questions about the process of a professional name development? Are you a start-up company looking for a suitable name? Would you like to revise, streamline or modernise your existing name structure? Are you a medium-sized or large company interested in monitoring your brand or in trend and brand tracking? Or do you need a trademark or title search?

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