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DG Verlag becomes DG Nexolution

Founded in 1920, the Deutsche Genossenschafts-Verlag (DG Verlag for short), based in Wiesbaden, has transformed itself from a pure publishing house into a comprehensive product and service provider and is divided into the four business divisions Cards & Security, GenoBuy, Media & Forms and Marketing & Services. However, the company name DG Verlag no longer reflected the new orientation in terms of content and led to the company being located exclusively in the publishing sector.

Accordingly, innomark GmbH was commissioned to develop a new company name in order to transfer the brand DNA of DG Verlag into the modern era in an intelligent and forward-looking way. A bridge was to be built between the past and the future, which would ensure the brand’s recognisability and adequately express the newly expanded range of products and services. The characteristic and distinctive name component “DG” was retained as a name anchor and link to the company’s publishing history and combined with the newly developed name suffix “Nexolution”. “Nexolution” promises forward-looking solutions for current and future generations of customers. The new name DG Nexolution reflects the current and the future range of products and services and adequately addresses the expanded target group without forgetting the roots. The name has the potential to establish itself independently, sustainably and successfully on the market. It can be used internationally and is easy to remember.

innomark GmbH is pleased that the name received 100% approval at the plenary meeting and will accompany DG Verlag into a new era with the new name DG Nexolution in the year of its 100th anniversary.

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