Health­care- and Pharma-­Naming

The development of healthcare and pharmaceutical names is subject to special conditions and requirements. In addition to the requirements of trademark law, pharma-specific rules, prohibitions and regulations as well as regulatory requirements must also be observed. We offer you …

  • Conceptual advice on the development and design of individual brands and brand families in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector
  • Identifying regulations, degrees of freedom, and exclusion criteria relating to active substances
  • Development of product conform brand names relating to active substance(s) and/or OTC compliance
  • Development of brand names for generics in line with positioning and profile
  • Transcription of pharmaceutical brands for new language areas and target groups
  • Name searches in conformity with the authorisation and regulation requirements in relation to trademark and pharmaceutical law
  • Identification of possible phonetic or orthographic confusion with other existing brand names
  • Verification of alleged identities with other brand names and international non-proprietary names
  • Screening with regard to the official regulatory guidelines in accordance with the regulations of the FDA, EMA and MHRA
  • Name tests in the desired target countries in relation to the relevant target groups
    (doctor/patient/medical experts)
  • Consideration of the restrictions and/or prohibitions imposed by the Health Claim Regulation

A project example

A newly founded company plans to develop and launch a wide range of dietary supplements. A new internationally suitable company name is required as well as a selection of product names to be used as family brands for the various product lines. It is important that each of the family brands is modularly expandable, that the individual sub-categories are marked by additional designations and that all regulatory and trademark law requirements are met in every form. In addition to a company name that is highly distinctive and capable of being profiled, innomark GmbH develops a larger number of product line names and labelling additives that successfully identify the different brand families in the market and meet all the aforementioned requirements.

What can we
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