Registered Trademarks

As a registered trademark, your brand name stands for the quality and values of your company – protect it!

The protection of your brand is of great importance, as a brand name should be as distinctive and unique as the quality and values of your company that you offer your customers. A registered trademark, which also represents an asset that can be shown on the balance sheet, is created by filing the company name you have chosen to a patent and trademark office for application and registration. As soon as the trademark protection takes effect, the brand name may no longer be used by competitors in identical or similar form in the trademark classes and country registers you have claimed. In the first 5 years after registration there is not even an obligation to use the brand name. Only from the 5th year after successful registration the trademark owner should be able to prove use of his trademark – otherwise a third party can apply for cancellation of the trademark for non-use. The brand name, unlike e.g. a patent, can be renewed indefinitely, provided that the necessary renewal fee is paid every 10 years.

Stock brands as a solution for companies that need an ad hoc registered trademark

If a particularly time-critical project is involved and a brand name is urgently needed, we offer, in addition to individual brand development, the service of brokering and selling already registered trademarks and stock domains. For this service, which we call “IP-Stock”, we draw on the extensive stock of already registered and unused trademarks and domains of our numerous customers. These are mostly trademarks that have been fully searched and subsequently often registered together with the domain addresses. The access to such registered trademark rights offers considerable time advantages and avoids possible opposition proceedings in the trademark application process. In addition, risks such as the non-availability of domains or uncertainty as to whether the initiated creation process will produce successful name candidates are excluded from the outset.

Monitoring an already registered trademark is also important

Once a trademark is registered, it should be regularly monitored and, if necessary, actively defended. Since patent and trademark offices do not check whether newly filed brand names pose a risk for already existing and registered trademarks, you should have your trademark monitored. Upon your request, innomark will carry out the continuous monitoring of your registered trademarks with regard to conflicting, younger trademark rights. In doing so, it will be checked which possibly similar terms have been applied for by third parties after you have obtained trademark rights. Then you have the opportunity to react quickly and without costly court proceedings within the statutory opposition period. By initiating opposition and cancellation proceedings by the authorities, trademark conflicts can be avoided in a much cheaper and faster way and you ensure that your trademark rights are not diluted by a large number of similar, younger trademarks.

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