Trademark Application

Trademark searches and trademark applications to secure your name ideas

With a trademark application you protect your brand name from being used by third parties. However, before you have a legally registered trademark, you should first conduct a search for older identical or similar third party trademarks in all important countries and trademark classes. Only after carrying out such a trademark search and evaluating the possible risks posed by older registered trademarks is it advisable to apply for a trademark and secure it for later use in the important countries and trademark classes.

For time-critical projects, the acquisition of registered trademarks and reserved domains is an interesting alternative

innomark offers the service of IP-Stock-Brands and IP-Stock-Domains. We convey and sell registered stock domains and stock trademarks from the large inventory of our customers. These are always of interest when there are trademark law conflicts with existing trademarks or when a trademark rollout is planned within a short period of time and the security of an already registered trademark is a precondition.

A practical example …

Lycos AG, a member of the Bertelsmann Group, needs an independent international brand name for a newly planned internet offer (Free ISP), which should be ready for use at short notice. After appropriate consultation and in addition to newly developed name proposals, the stock brands from the customer portfolios will also be searched. The name COMUNDO is selected from the list of suggestions as the No. 1 candidate. It is registered as a trademark in the necessary classes throughout Europe and is excellently suited both communicatively and linguistically. Within a few days the purchase of the trademark, including the necessary domains, is initiated and transaction is completely settled by innomark GmbH.

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