Brand Development

In brand development, first of all the character and positioning of a product, service or company has to be worked out, because a brand name is more than just a designation. It serves to emphasise and underline the specific characteristics and to communicate the individual character. The name should convey emotions and thus not only reach the target group with factual attributes, but also convey a more far-reaching message. Therefore a well-founded brand development requires a profound brand know-how and firstly requires a detailed analysis of the brand positioning and the brand character. From this, a brand strategy tailored to the target group is derived and subsequently a conceptually appropriate name development is carried out together with all trademark law related searches.

Reach the defined target group(s)

Which people do I want to address with my product and how do I reach them? What emotions and associations should my brand evoke? How do I differentiate myself from my competitors? These are all questions that arise when introducing a new brand and have to be answered competently. innomark provides you with a team of creative analysts who care about the success of your name project.

Development of effective and sustainably successful brand concepts

Nothing should be left to chance in the important phase of brand development. It is important to give brand development the necessary attention, because the value of a good brand is the long-term foundation for your success. Often mistakes only become apparent afterwards and cost a lot of time, money and nerves. Careless or hasty measures at this stage of development, insufficient searches or a too narrow concept focus can, under certain circumstances, become obstacles in the long term. As a branding agency, we are happy to support you in brand development and in working out the right strategies and concepts in close cooperation with you and your marketing and legal experts.

What can we
do for you?

Would you like to develop a new brand? Do you have questions about the process of a professional name development? Are you a start-up company looking for a suitable name? Would you like to revise, streamline or modernise your existing name structure? Are you a medium-sized or large company interested in monitoring your brand or in trend and brand tracking? Or do you need a trademark or title search?

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