Brand Protection

Trademark protection by registration

In order to obtain trademark protection, you have to file a trademark application with the competent trademark and patent office. After successful examination by the Office and expiry of the statutory period for opposition – without any third party having filed an opposition – the trademark is registered to the extent claimed. It should be noted here that the patent and trademark offices do not carry out detailed trademark searches, but only check whether the brand name violates absolute grounds for protection. Such obstacles, which exist for example if names are descriptive, immoral or incitement to hatred, result in the rejection of the application.

Avoid conflicts of trademark rights by first conducting trademark searches and then applying for trademark protection

Many companies are surprised when it comes to so-called trademark collisions in which their own brand name is attacked because of an older identical or similar third party trademark. Often, the owners of the earlier trademark then obtain injunctive relief and claim compensation. These are based either on the fact that the opponent’s trademark has been entered in the trademark register for a longer period of time or that it is well known to the target public due to a long-standing use. In order to avoid such – mostly expensive and protracted – conflicts, innomark conducts comprehensive and full similarity searches prior to the trademark application in order to verify the trademark status.

A brand increases your company value

A protected trademark underlines the quality of the products and services you offer, conveys your corporate philosophy and helps you create your own brand identity. Furthermore, it enables you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and in most cases represents a considerable asset. If you do not have the time to develop a new brand name, carry out searches and wait for the registration, we as a branding agency also offer the procurement of registered trademarks and stock domains. The acquisition of registered trademarks and/or domain rights has the advantage that the legally secure registration and registration has already been completed and the name is immediately available. In this way, the creation process and the uncertainty as to whether a suitable brand name can be found in time are avoided, and also the sometimes very long period of time until the final registration of the brand.

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