Brand Strategy

The brand strategy as a signpost for the future

A well thought-out brand strategy is the prerequisite for successful and targeted brand management. Trust in our long-standing expertise and entrust innomark with the development of a brand strategy in line with your concept. With our more than 25 years of experience as creative brand analysts, we will be happy to advise you and develop the appropriate brand strategy for your new product, company or service together with you.

What goals are you pursuing with your brand?

A brand should have recognition value in order to achieve a lasting effect with the customer and to set it apart from its competitors. For a promising brand strategy, the following questions on brand positioning, brand architecture and brand reach must be answered:

  • Who do I want to reach with my brand?
  • Where and when should customers come into contact with my brand?
  • What value proposition and what special experience value does my brand have?
  • Which characteristic features should be highlighted and how can they be communicated?
  • What long-term goals do I want to achieve with my brand?

The conception of the brand name as part of the brand strategy

The naming of the new branded article is an essential part of the brand strategy. Only when the positioning has been clarified, the unique selling propositions have been worked out and the future brand profile has been defined, a conceptually appropriate name can be developed. Not only the definition of the brand classes as well as the target groups and target countries play an important role, but also the brand type and the communicative design must be precisely defined. In the end, the brand name must fit the brand strategy and the products, services and companies like a tailor-made suit.

What can we
do for you?

Would you like to develop a new brand? Do you have questions about the process of a professional name development? Are you a start-up company looking for a suitable name? Would you like to revise, streamline or modernise your existing name structure? Are you a medium-sized or large company interested in monitoring your brand or in trend and brand tracking? Or do you need a trademark or title search?

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