What does “naming” mean?

“Naming” is the English term for name development and describes the process of finding a name for a product, service or new company. As a naming and branding agency, innomark GmbH covers all work steps necessary for professional name creation and brand development. As a competent partner with many years of experience in the national and international field, it is available to all companies from start-ups to global corporations as a brand professional.

How a successful brand name is created

A brand name not only has to be concise, strategically chosen in a meaningful way and in compliance with trademark law, it should also be different from competitors’ brand names, easy to pronounce and clearly legible in the targeted countries. In order to avoid negative associations on the international market, it is imperative that native speakers check the proposed name candidates for linguistic and cultural obstacles or misunderstandings. Even large companies are repeatedly confronted with linguistic and cultural problems when introducing new brands. These problems only become apparent when the brand is launched and cannot be resolved afterwards. Often, in the creation process, insufficient attention was paid to the internationality or the suitability of the name under trademark law. While changes are made in all areas of brand communication in a product life cycle, the name is a decision for a whole product life. It is the only element in the marketing mix that remains or should remain unchanged and is the foundation for building a complete brand story.

The naming includes trademark searches

During the name development process innomark GmbH takes care that your future trademark can be integrated into the existing name portfolio in terms of concept, communication and creativity, that it is linguistically flawless and also looks for possible trademark conflicts with third party trademark owners. For this purpose, we conduct extensive and comprehensive trademark searches in identical, extended identical and similar areas. In addition, concept and language checks are carried out to provide security in an international environment. Depending on the nature and scope of the task, the subsequent trademark law expert opinions can be carried out either by legal experts of the client or by our internationally experienced trademark lawyers for all selected classes and countries.

What can we
do for you?

Would you like to develop a new brand? Do you have questions about the process of a professional name development? Are you a start-up company looking for a suitable name? Would you like to revise, streamline or modernise your existing name structure? Are you a medium-sized or large company interested in monitoring your brand or in trend and brand tracking? Or do you need a trademark or title search?

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