In Gruen getauchtes Bild eines Notizbuches mit der Aufschrift innomark, picture of a notebook immersed in green with the inscription innomark as mosaic stone for an internationally successful Internet presence

The Polish company Movino Sp. z o.o.Sp. K. very successfully offers wheels, scooters and skateboards with the corresponding accessories. Only the domain was missing for the company’s internationally uniform appearance. An enquiry with innomark GmbH led to the desired result after several failed purchase attempts. Since May 2020, Movino Sp. z o.o.Sp. K. has been the proud owner of the domain, with which it has uniformly redesigned its online sales and internet presence.

In addition to the creation of brand names with all their facets, the procurement of the necessary domains is often one of our tasks. And this is not always easy. If the corresponding domains are already out of stock, suitable name candidates are often ruled out. And this is not so rare, as there are more than 350 million top-level domains worldwide of which domains with the .com ending are the most sought-after.

So, if you are looking for a new name, remember to check domain availability. We will be glad to assist you in this process and also help you to obtain domains that have already been assigned.

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