Name development & Renaming

We develop new brand names & renaming concepts for …

  • Products
  • Services
  • Companies
  • TV programme formats/film and magazine titles
  • Music groups/individual interpreters/artists
  • Event locations/Tourism offers
  • Event formats
  • Internet portals/Web applications/Software
  • Technology & functional brands
  • Brand transcriptions for use in other language areas

A project example

Development of the name “CAYMAN” for an independent, new sports car model of the company Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG within the scope of an international naming process, including the corresponding worldwide trademark search and language tests as well as the support of trademark protection in all target markets.

How does professional name development work?

1. Analyses & Searches

Analyses with scientific and self-developed instruments
  • Competition analysis
  • Communication analysis
  • Environment analysis and TrendScan
  • Name portfolio analysis
  • Routing of strengths and weaknesses
  • Positioning and USP check
  • Determination of brand character
  • Definition of the name type to be developed
  • Definition of classes, registers and focus markets

2. Development & Creation

Know-how and creativity lead to tailor-made name proposals
  • Methodology Mapping
  • Creative working groups
  • Internal individual creations
  • Freelance copywriters/external creatives
  • Simulation software
  • Association software
  • Creation software
  • Acceptance tests in focus groups

3. Examination & Evaluation

Detailed trademark searches are part of our complete range of services
  • Foreign language checks
  • Identity searches
  • Advanced identity searches (prefix/infix/suffix variants)
  • Full similarity searches in up to 185 registers/countries
  • Domain checks
  • Stock brand scans
  • Qualitative final evaluation
  • Trademark law expert opinion by internationally experienced trademark attorneys

4. Selection & Presentation

Visualisation of the suggested names for the final presentation
  • Name selection
  • Graphical realisation
  • Visualisation with product and service reference
  • Final evaluation
  • Recommendations for further action
  • Definition of the next project steps (trademark protection, domain registrations, potential demarcation agreements, etc.)

Obstacles to the development of new brand names

What can we
do for you?

Would you like to develop a new brand? Do you have questions about the process of a professional name development? Are you a start-up company looking for a suitable name? Would you like to revise, streamline or modernise your existing name structure? Are you a medium-sized or large company interested in monitoring your brand or in trend and brand tracking? Or do you need a trademark or title search?

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